Monday, July 28, 2014

MCC StartUp Profile: Liquid Talent

Friends of LiquidTalent,
LiquidTalent is becoming the go-to-place for exceptional professionals to discover one another and work together through short-mode projects. We believe that work should be more autonomous, mobile and lifestyle driven. Defined projects, with clear timelines, deliverables and budget, are great building blocks to make this vision a reality.

"Look around you. The way work gets done is changing. Work is being reduced into smaller pieces, changing the process both for companies that buy work and for professionals delivering work for pay. Whether you are a full-time employee, a professional considering independence, a career independent consultant, or an organizational leader tasked with evolving your company’s workforce equation, one thing is clear: the new Project Economy has arrived and is here to stay." - mbo partners

We have been listening and learning from the very beginning. We have listened to our early users, to our advisors and to our contemporaries and have kept our finger on the pulse of the overall independent market. We have maintained flexibility and are now taking a more focused approach. As we enter into our 10th month of operation, we have digested and applied what we've heard from the marketplace and have narrowed our focus to two core areas - the Technology and Creative industries. 
New description:
LiquidTalent is an on-demand developer marketplace for your project-based technology needs. Our mobile app and website allow you to post projects and review exceptional candidates within hours.

Our specialization: 
Mobile apps (iPhone and Android), Web-based mobile apps, Websites, Mobile-responsive websites, Software, Wireframes and Design

Notable partnerships: 
General Assembly, DevBootCamp, Google and other leading technical organizations, colleges and universities.

We are currently sourcing paying projects for your company's technology + creative needs; specifically mobile app and website builds. We are also on-boarding talented technologists and creatives so please reach out if you, or your colleagues, want to join our community and start generating more income. To ensure the most effective experience, we recently hired a Concierge to facilitate the entire process of pairing projects with professionals. 

Two articles for fun:
The Future of the Workforce May Be Part-Time (Larry Page)
The Way Your Work is Going to Change (Richard Branson)

w: {for invite code:, please email
m: {iPhone app only}
Thank you all for your continued support of LiquidTalent. We're excited to keep listening, and building meaningful tools that enhance your life.  

Alex, Scott and the LiquidTalent team

Thursday, July 24, 2014

MCC Member Testimonial: MCC Networking and Toot Your Own Horn Breakfast hosted by TD Bank

Hear what MCC Member Faith Kinslow of True Identity Branding had to say about MCC’s Networking and Toot Your Own Horn Breakfast hosted by TD Bank:
“Just wanted to tell you that I thought today's event was excellent. Hearing a 2 minute presentation from several people made me aware of which professionals have synergy with my skill set. I feel like I got to know many more people than usual although I only got to speak to two of the speakers. I made my way over to the two whose businesses I was most interested in hearing more about. It gave me the information to recommend them to people I know. I hope we do a lot more "Toot Your Own Horn" events. I think they are most valuable and practical.”

Best regards,
Faith Kinslow, Copywriter/Brand Strategist
True Identity Branding Know who you are. Say who you are. Mobile: 917-607-3267

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hurricane Sandy Can’t Keep Entrepreneurs Down

From Changing the Game:How Business Innovations Reduce the Impact of Disasters Page 7

By Nancy Ploeger, President, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce 

Jacqueline Goewey, owner of Made Fresh Daily on Front Street in the South Street Seaport of New York City, has been in business for more than five years and has more than five full-time and part-time employees.

She opened her café just as the recession hit. She was just starting out and says the recession actually allowed her to focus on the finer points of running a business and it has gotten better and better every year—until Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012.

Goewey’s business dropped off tremendously, and not only was she faced with a disastrous business situation but—to add insult to injury—she also lives in the area and could not even get into her apartment for months after the storm. She had to sublet an apartment and eventually find a new one.

The day after the storm hit, Goewey, her manager, and staff gathered in boots and work clothes to go into the café, assess the damage, and begin clean-up efforts. There was a surge of seven feet of water at the front of her store and four feet in back. Even though the café is elevated off the sidewalk (four small steps to enter the café and about a three-foot elevation), the surge swept through the restaurant.

All of the machines were ruined. The only good thing is that the café lacks a basement, unlike many other stores and shops in the Seaport area, so Goewey had no electrical issues to contend with. Her furnace had to be repaired to the tune of $4,000 and she had to purchase new refrigerators and lost thousands of dollars in food, products, and supplies.

However, the group “worked like dogs” to clean up and get the café open as quickly as they could. They were able to reopen just before Thanksgiving—less than one month after the hurricane. For weeks, they were the only business open on their street.

Goewey trimmed her staff, hoping to hire them back as business took an upswing. As construction workers moved in and out of the area, she offered breakfast and lunch specials to attract their business. Also, the local residents came back, grateful for her café and for her dedication to reopening, as she offered not only great food but also a place where they could hang out and meet fellow Seaport business owners and residents.

One of Goewey’s neighbors, Victor Chan, owner of Suteishi Japanese restaurant a few doors down, came to her with an innovative idea. Because most of her baking was done in the early morning and most of her clients came from early morning to about 4 p.m., Chan asked Goewey if he could share her kitchen. He could prepare food for takeout during the evening, when her shop was closed, and this way he, too, could retain his customers even though he could not offer restaurant seating. Goewey agreed, and the two owners supported each other to keep their businesses open and serve their customers. Goewey says that Chan’s staff even helped her staff package and wrap cookies for a special event she was doing to help raise funds for a local nonprofit.

Their staffs worked well together during the few hours a day they overlapped and became quite close; they keep in touch even today. Suteishi was able to keep 60% to 70% of its business just through deliveries and worked out of Made Fresh Daily for 10 months.

Made Fresh Daily’s business continued to increase, and Goewey was able to rehire her staff. The café was doing just fine until fall 2013, when one of the Seaport area’s attractions,

Pier 17, shut down, resulting in fewer tourists. After the tough and long winter of 2013–2014, Goewey is looking forward to spring, when she can greet her returning customers, support her community, and serve her delicious food.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

MCC Member Manhattan Sideways Maps Manhattan’s Small Businesses, is a website dedicated to exploring the side streets of Manhattan. For almost two years, Betsy Bober Polivy, the creator of Manhattan Sideways, has been walking from the East River to the Hudson with the sole purpose of promoting the businesses on these streets.

The project began as a whimsical idea of crisscrossing the side streets of Manhattan and has quickly become a top source that celebrates small businesses and introduces viewers to all that makes up a neighborhood. Through vibrant photography and videos alongside detailed descriptions, the Manhattan Sideways team pounds the pavement every day to provide information on boutiques, bars, restaurants, hotels, galleries, gardens, historic sites and more.

In a statement, Betsy noted that the Avenues — the major north to south thoroughfares of the island — are well-covered by the media and well-traversed by shoppers and travelers. “I wanted to get off the beaten path and explore the side streets. In fact, the development of Manhattan’s iconic grid, starting at 1st Street and continuing up to 155th Street, envisioned the side streets as being of greater importance than the avenues,” she said. “I am literally walking side to side, east to west, beginning on 1st Street and wending my way north. My goal is to walk the numbered side streets and document every commercial establishment, and other places of interest, with special feature write-ups along the way." Presently, the site has 45 streets on it. There are almost 8,000 entries with a new street getting ready to go up every week to ten days.

Please take a moment to look at the site and to explore many of the hidden gems about which Betsy has written. To gain a better understanding of Manhattan Sideways, you might want to watch the recent Fox 5 News interview

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

World to NYC - Smart & Sustainable Cities Global Challenge

The NYC Economic Development Corporation in partnership with New York International has opened applications for the fall 2014 World to NYC program, which has a focus on smart and sustainable cities.

Emerging companies from the US and abroad are eligible to participate in the program, which runs from September 29 to October 1, 2014. The application period is open now through August 22.

World to NYC will provide knowledge exchange and collaboration between cutting-edge companies already present in the city and those considering New York City for their US / East-coast expansion.

Over three days, participants will have the opportunity to meet leaders of large corporations, tech entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers who specialize in business incorporation and immigration issues, NYC government officials, and other expats who have expanded their businesses to NYC, among many others. Delegates will also take tours of workspaces and incubators, prominent NYC companies, and different tech neighborhoods in NYC.

Through this program, NYC is setting the stage for urban efficiency, sustainability, and innovation --inviting the most promising startup companies from around the world to present their solutions in the context of continuous urbanization and its economic opportunities for New York City’s citizens, businesses, and partners.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for digitally-enabled technologies (including software, hardware, and connected devices) that make cities more intelligent, efficient, and resilient by optimizing use of energy, resources and the built environment. While we welcome interest from any company focusing on the application of technology to urban sustainability, the following sectors are of particular interest:
  • mobility & transportation
  • energy, including clean generation, smart grid, and efficiency
  • intelligent infrastructure

What will the program include?

The 3- day program will include:
  • networking opportunities
  • introductions to potential business partners
  • information useful to companies expanding into New York City
  • other events. 

The program runs Monday-Wednesday (September 29th – October 1st), allowing sufficient time on Thursday and Friday for participating companies to schedule their own business meetings in the city.

The program is free of charge and participants are responsible for their own airfare, hotels, etc.

You can find more information at: including a link to the on-line application.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

MCC Thanks June Renewing Members

Name Company Name Website
Serena Arrabito American Lung Association of the Northeast
Seth Dinsky Active Staffing Solutions
Anthony Ray Ray Law International, PC
Max Joel Solar One
Thomas McMahon TLM Associates
Caroline van Scheltinga Blocadi Capital LLC
Gustavo Rangel JWU LLC
Mauricio Rojas Marathon Energy Corporation
Aileen Gemma Smith Vizalytics Technology
Warren Davis Warren Davis - Human Resources Consulting
Chris Castillo CwCastle Associates
Chelsea Halbach Opening Ceremony
Rose Sager Embassy of Bahrain
Colette Malouf Colette Malouf Inc.
Barry Korn Barrett Capital Corporation
R. Ashton Wall Colloquium Depot, LTD.
Hedi White Haug Realty Corp.
Peter Aubrey-Smith Stellar Re Intermediaries, Inc.
Jeff Gorman SunEdison

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

MCC Welcomes June New Members

Name Company Name Website
Kelly M Brown Posh Baby Boutique Inc.
Jeannette Lofas Stepfamily Foundation
Ben Seldon Seldon Marketing
Kristen Broggini First Data
Andrew Nemeth University of Phoenix
Adrienne Garland WomanCon
Nisha Hayes Douglas Elliman Realestate
Camille Baez Santander
Julia Andres FineFomeFinds
Robert Lopez Blue Water Construction & Restoration Corp.
Kaitlyn Falk Wong Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Robbi G Muir Robbi Muir Design
James Harrigan James Harrigan Life Coaching
Liza Horan Media Moxie LLC
John Shegerian Electronic Recyclers International, Inc.
John Shegerian Green is Good Radio
Susan R Meyer Susan R Meyer Coaching & Consulting
David Selig Selig & Associates
Shelley Lindauer Shelley Lindauer
alice grega alicegregabooks
Marlo Franconeri Broadview Networks
Tony Andreoli Massey Knakal
Jalena Hay Jay Hay
Ava Seavey Avalanche Creative Services, Inc.
Andrea Adler Holistic PR
Frederick H. (Rick) Shuart, Jr. Services For the Underserved,
Whitney Barrat Old Seaport New York
Rebecca Morse Healthful Enterprises LLC
Jing Tian Fashion Galaxy Alliance
Paula London Port Authority New York/New Jersey
Victoria Tkacheva Pergola Restaurant
Robert Sirianni Jr. Brownstone Law
Vitaly Kagan AAA All Voice And Data Inc
Deirdre King KPS Security, Training & Investigations
Oliver Roe Insperity